The Secret Language of Wealth - 9 Principles of Financial Literacy

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The secret to wealth and Financial Freedom is knowing how to speak the language. To achieve financial independence you need to improve your financial literacy and understanding.

Unfortunately our schools don’t teach you any of this.

Most people grow up with no understanding of how money works. Then they are unable to retire because they do not have enough money.

Don’t end up being one of them.

These powerful principles are easy to understand if you know what they are and how they work. I explain them simply and practically so that you can apply them.

When you apply these principles to your own personal finances you will accumulate money to become wealthy. Knowing how to do this is your responsibility.

These 9 principles are covered in this book and can set you free

1.  Know how much money you earn

2.  Spend less than you earn

3.  Time value of money

4.  Effect of compounding

5.  The real cost of debt

6.  Pay yourself first

7.  Risk versus return

8.  Understand investments and assets

9.  Investing generates wealth

If you want to speak the language of money and understand how to build wealth then this book is for you.

I spent 20 years wasting my time spending my money because I did not speak the language of wealth. When I took the first step to financial literacy my life changed.

It's a never-ending journey that starts with you taking the first step. And it starts right here right now.

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Understand future value of money
Learn to calculate returns
Understand compounding
Learn how money grows
Understand debt
Workout what it costs you
Understand assets
Learn what to invest in
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The Secret Language of Wealth - 9 Principles of Financial Literacy

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